What is FreightStation?

FreightStation makes the exchange of air cargoes more efficient and safer.

With cargo pre-planning, capacity planning and automated identification of the driver the delivery or pick up of air cargo at the handler becomes simpler and faster. Air cargo is 24/7 business. By unlocking cargo- and logistics information, involved parties get a better overview which in turn improves the service levels. At the same time all compliance rules are adhered to.

FreightStation is a platform bringing the important players in aircargo together. The air cargo agent or forwarder of haulier can on-line follow his cargoes at the handler's location(s). He can pre-announce cargoes and driver visits and make cargoes secure.

A new module is Power of attorney air cargo. In this module agents, forwarders or hauliers can authorise other parties to handle their cargoes. Please contact us if you what to find out more about what FreightStation can do.

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